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What is WEEE?

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The recycling of WEEE is a specialist part of the waste and recycling sector. The WEEE Directive in the UK sets collection, recycling and recovery targets for all types of electrical goods and reducing the volume of IT equipment sent to landfill. A picture of a wheelie bin with a cross through it became the adopted symbol for WEEE items which need to be disposed of differently to household waste.

All companies at some point will produce WEEE, which will require disposing of correctly to comply with the environment agency. It is now a criminal offence to dispose of WEEE using regular waste options, any redundant computer or CRT must be handed over to a waste producer or waste management centre.


What are WEEE items?

WEEE includes most products that have a plug or require batteries to operate.  There are ten broad categories of WEEE currently outlined within the regulations

  • Large household appliances (eg: fridges / microwaves...)

  • Small household appliances (eg: toasters / clocks...)

  • IT and Telecommunications equipment (eg: computers / printers...)

  • Consumer equipment (eg: televisions / radios)

  • Lighting equipment (eg: fluorescent tubes)

  • Electrical and electronic tools (eg: drills / sewing machines)

  • Toys, leisure and sports equipment (eg: games consoles and running machines)

  • Medical devices (eg: medical freezers / analysers)

  • Monitoring and control equipment (eg: smoke detectors / thermostats)

  • Automatic dispensers (eg: hot drinks & money dispensers)

Why choose us?

Our company complies with the above legislation. We hold a waste carriers licence and a waste management licence exemption.
We also have to send the environment agency the weights
of hazardous material we have collected each quarter.


Many companies produce several tons of WEEE per year, they require a secure disposal company to make sure that this WEEE is dealt with properly and securely. This is where we come in. We are registered with the environment agency to collect, store, refurbish and recycle WEEE in means most friendliest with the environment.

Whether you are an electronics company, a school or a local/regional council in need of hardware waste disposal in compliance with WEEE regulations, our team will be happy to discuss a solution with you.

We believe the best way for us to go forward whilst staying within the WEEE guidelines is to give 'IT' equipment a new lease of life, whether it is in the hands of students, charity donation programmes, schools or general consumers.

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