Hard Drive Shredding

When your hard drives are at end of life it’s very important not to just put them out of sight and forget about them. Should they end up in the wrong hands the data could become compromised and you may end up with a data breach.

Our hard drive shredding service ensures that your redundant data is completely inaccessible. At our premises we utilise an industrial media shredding machine that will reduce your media into tiny fragments, completely destroying any data.

As you can see from the video below, nothing can be read from this method of destruction.

And, although we state that this is a Hard Drive shredding service we can also shred other digital media items such as CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, tape drives and more.

Basically any storage medium can be destroyed using this method, with the average outbound particle size being 70mm.

Any costs incurred for this service will be waived if collected at the same time as your IT disposal (subject to quantity). Please ask one of our office staff for details when arranging your collection.

shredded hard drives at our premises

Electronic Media Shredding

As outlined above, we can safely and securely shred all types of electronic or magnetic media. These types of electronic media often can contain confidential or sensitive information.

Our shredding machine can handle all kinds of data-containing media. This includes magnetic tapes, optical disks such as CD-ROMs and DVDs, pen drives (USB drives) and small-format solid state disks such as SD cards and Compact Flash.

Even if you cannot access the data yourself, it’s quite possible with the right software that the information could be retrieved, so it’s better to be safe than sorry where data is concerned.

Our industrial media-shredding machine

View our Hard Drive Shredder in action:

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If you wish to witness your own drives being destroyed, we can arrange a suitable time to come to our unit for a site visit to watch the process yourself. (HDDs will be logged before being put through the shredder).