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Data Sanitization

What is Data Sanitization?


Data sanitization is a method of erasing all the data from a hard drive in a complete and unrecoverable way. Specialist 3 pass erasure software equipment is used to ensure that every shred of information is removed utterly from the drive before it is re-formatted and is ready for re-use. As this is such a secure erasure system, a certificate is issued for every disk that is erased.  If a hard drive fails to be sanitized in our machine, then it will be put through our industrial hard drive shredder.

6 reasons to use Computer Waste Ltd for your data sanitization needs:

1: Erase 60+ disks

Our system enables us to automatically examine and erase 60 disks at once in parallel. We have other machines in situ that carry out onboard wipes to the same level of erasure. Those that fail will be shredded.

2: Permanently destroy data

It supports U.S. DoD erasure standards and more. It is HIPAA compliant and once a disk is erased, nothing can be recovered.

3: Extra disk analysis tools

Tools such as SMART monitor, file browser and Hex viewer give a complete overview of your drives.

4: Disk examination

The above tools are used to examine your drives for bad sectors prior to erasure of all data to save time and costs.

5: Label printing

Labels are provided for each individual drive with all the relevant information documented. Click here for an example.

6: Certificates and reports

We can provide certificates of erasure and full reports of all work carried out on your drives. Click here for an example.

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