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On-site Data Removal

Onsite procedures:

As part of our services to some clients, we are able to offer On-Site Data Destruction. This will involve using our manual disk drive crusher to snap your hard drives. This allows you to see, first hand, that your data is dealt with correctly, we will then take your drives back to our site to securely shred using our industrial shredder. Contact us today to see if this is something you are able to take advantage of.

How does it work?

If this is something you are able to opt for, one of our friendly and trained staff will visit your site with the manual disk drive crusher. This device utilises hydraulic pressure to physically bend and snap your Hard Drives. The hard drive crusher destroys the enclosure, but most importantly bends the disks. Even a small amount of bend prevents the read/write heads from ever "flying" over the surface of the media without gouging. It would be impossible to flatten them so perfectly that they could ever be spun and read again. Some drives have glass disks which shatter.

Adjustable plunger to accommodate standard 1 inch and laptop drives, and a second position to accommodate thicker high-profile drives sometimes used in servers.



Why should I choose this?

There is very little difference between this method and the shredding option. Both methods physically destroy hard drives, however we know from experience that some of our customers like to witness the hard drives being destroyed. At the end of the day, your peace of mind and happiness is what motivates us to become the best in our field.

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